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This is my concrit/How's My Driving? post for Richard Castle. What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? What do you want to see more of from him as a character or me as a player?

For [community profile] edensphere, [community profile] meridianrpg, [community profile] tartarusnet, [community profile] thoughtformed, [community profile] paradisa or [community profile] maskormenace info, click here.

[community profile] alteredstates Game Info:
Canon Point: Season 5, episode 24, as he's on his way to the park to talk to Beckett
In Game Since: July 1st, 2013
River power: Psychometry
Application: Here
Permissions: Here
Network posts/comments: Here
Logs: Here

[community profile] driftfleet Game Info:
Canon Point: Season 6 episode 2, "Dreamworld", after he collapses but before he wakes up in the hospital
In Game Since: August 9th, 2015
Application: Here
Network posts/comments/actionspam: Here

Anon is on, all comments are screened, but if you'd rather not crit me here I may be reached via AIM at Shuripus, Plurk at [ profile] shurimon or via e-mail at spdbridge03 [at] gmail dot com.

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Oct. 3rd, 2014 11:01 am
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INBOX for Richard Castle
For all your contact needs!

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A list of Castle's threads in [community profile] alteredstates for easier tagging and re-reading purposes.

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A list of Castle's threads in [community profile] paradisa for easier tagging and re-reading purposes.

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[This entry is forward-dated slightly to midday tomorrow. The writing is still recognizable as Castle's, but the hand trembles a little.]

Promise ----> Alexis
Nikki ----> Detective Kate Beckett

I'm a mystery writer. Nikki- Kate- wasn't isn't my wife, but she's a homicide detective, and we're partners. I shadow her and help her solve cases because she's the inspiration for my new series of books. I live in a loft apartment with my daugher, Alexis, and my mom, Martha. I'm famous, too. REALLY famous.

Alexis is waiting for me. I [There's a long pause here, and the writing becomes steadier, but slower as he carefully considers each word and phrase.]

I've made a lot of friends here. All of you have helped me through some tough times and been the best friends... and everything else... a guy could ask for. "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough at this point, not nearly. I'm never going to forget any of you.

But my daughter is back home. She needs me. And I'll keep having adventures. Not without saying goodbye in person, not without making arrangements first, but... I'm going home.
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What the hell is going on? Genius and I just got out of the elevator and it looks like this place has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Is everyone alright?

Just how long were we gone?
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Really, really hate seeing my daughter and not being able to be with her. Not that I'd wish for her to be in a place like this, but still...

[There's a long pause before he carefully writes.]

Awfully nice how we all seemed to get memories, isn't it? And no getting stuck in stupid outfits or having music following us, either. I wonder if the tree's suddenly feeling generous?
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[[OOC: This memory is from episode 3 of season 2, "Inventing The Girl". Rick's punishment will be being dressed as MAID MAN for five days- meaning he will be in that getup when he loses his memories tomorrow. ]]

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[The writing is shaky, as though the writer were slightly inebriated, but still recognizable as Rick's.]

Don't mean to add onto everything else, but Nikki's gone.

As in disappeared.

[A clear drop appears on the page. Hmm.

Any characters who come to see Rick in person on the evening/night of the 17th will find him completely shit out of his head drunk and inclined to either not talk or mumble.]
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Oh, so many choices, so little time.

Dare I place my bid on the lovely Nikki? Or perhaps expand my horizons and choose someone else to work my charms on?

Decisions, decisions.
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[The writing is a little sloppy, but recognizable as Rick's neat hand still.]

Man, this mechanical arm is so stylin'. Makes it a bit hard to write, though. And this hat makes me look ready to go on safari and have adventures.

I think I will turn this into a short story. Edensphere Mechanical Safari.
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Promise is gone again.

[There's a large tear in the middle of the page, then nothing more.]
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So I heard it's Genius' birthday soon.

And it'll be my birthday, too! How about that?

Mr. Grift, would you mind terribly if a bunch of partygoers descended on your place sometime around 7 on Sunday? I'll bring the cake and they'll bring the cheer.


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